Dark Pagans Grotto

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Dark Pagans Grotto social is currently on ning, but we may not remain there. I am interested in seeing who would sign up for our website if we moved it here. Dark Pagans Grotto is a darker paganism social ~ we care about the Gloomy side of life. Nocturnal Paganism being a big part of that or even Gothic Paganism. We are for mature, 21+ and up people who enjoy the spooky, macabre, the creepy side of magick, but we will also like to network with pagans who have an open mind.

DPG on webs is currently just a membership blog and links exchange area. I hope this will be a good resource for those who need to find  a quick link or drop something off! Feel free to join, being a member is just so you can add a link to the directory. It does not make you part of a faction or chapter or group.

I have been pagan for about 22 years in this life, as it follows my awakening as an elemental vampyre. I picked up the niche for magick at the time I awoke to "the dark within".

Spirit wise I have been pagan, heathen, shaman, for all my days, all my nights. I remember countless past lives and past eras.

I work allot with my Strigoi ancestry, which is no more evil than Voodun; or wicca. We may do things a bit differently, but it still works. I don't believe in threefold law in the wicce way but in the sacred rule way: Magick has consequences both good and bad; and I want people to treat me like they wish to be treated. If you can't do that, I kindly ask you to not let the door hit you where the Goddess split you.

I do drink blood and life energy, but only from willing resources, never from animals or meat stores or hurting anybody.