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Hello and welcome. This is my tell all about me website space. Projects I am working on and phasing out. My artworks, I paint and make clay incense holders with a pagan or occult  theme.

I am Ana Massien, and I am a Georgian white girl shaman that is pagan and works with the occult allot. This disturbs some people but that is their loss. I have been pagan and awakened for 22+ years. I am heatheru (Caysharoo) and I call myself white girl shaman because most people believe "white people" can't be shaman related, that we are all indian or native american. I am Native as well but I am pale white. My history is Souix, Romanian, Etruscani, Mede, La Tiene Culture, with some Islander like the Maouri from New Zealand, these people are all white and not brown or black at all. Guess, some people need to see past stereotypes. The brown/native and black people learned from us and adapted their own path over time, what you think is shaman is unclean shamanism. (Fauroi, Furi (Foori), Duiri, things of this nature. People have forgotten where they came from.

This is a place for my opinions and works, projects. Follow me on twitter, pinterest and facebook. If you want to join this site you will need to be invited by me and you will need to participate if you join.

Journals have more about me and my works. I have a store on teepublic and threadless, moonchildpagan.xyz, and Moon N Fang which is a store on facebook and its own tumblr as well moonnfang.tumblr.com .
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I make incense holders out of clay and painted plates and soap bowls. Right now I am focusing on just clay figures, animals and "Heads" which I call "Spooks". Sorta like Jack o lantern and so on. They'll be 2.00 and all my works are under 10.00 USD. I only ship to the USA currently. It will be standard shipping 2-9 days. This is only a HOBBY. Not a Job!

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I am a life coach with over 12 years experience. I restarted my life at age 30, failed relationships, no self esteem and completely broke and helpless. I can help you too!


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Yes, I am an Elemental Vampyre.

I have been one all my life. I have been awakened 22 years and transcending for 8+ years. My family comes from Brasov, Romania, and both are Strigoi. Strigoi are Irish like Irish and German are German. I have natural reddish hair, pale skin and green eyes. My kind of Vampyre is the Wraitl Tradition, which is shadow magick and Revenant related. I am also Strigoi Morte having been put to sleep at age 19 for Gallbladder removal. I am SINGLE and not seeking a mate or marriage. I like to go out with male or female friends and have good food and good times but I am not Bisexual. I am Asexual and relationships for me are a thing of the past. If I trust someone then I may do something more but relations are clearly overrated and I have to constantly tell people that they are enough for me. I dislike insecurity in others and I don't know why most people don't understand I am not going to pity them. No wet blankets please, pity yourself.

Activism In the Elemental Commune
I work on the WraitlPedia on fandom, as I like to study my culture and it is unique. I needed a way to study my past lives and I look for ways to cross check information.
I also run a few blogs still on wordpress for basic vampire needs at Real Vampires Web 
Where I try and tell what real vampyrism is like to get away from all that Twilight crap. People want to fit in to something. Vampyrism is not a gimmick. I also believe in ascension and spiritual awakenings and evolution of your DNA. I created the Spiritual State Blog also on wordpress. I am also a Spiritual Satanist. I am not affiliated with the Temple of Or Church of, which are atheists when it comes to Satan as he/she/they are not representive of any Godhood anywhere. I am creating my own tradition here: Dark Pagans Grotto .
I also work for the Pagan Collective, which is a redefining of the pagan principles sans Valiente and Gardener era of witchcraft which was the 1950's. We are not of that era in the craft anymore, most people already define their methods of paganism in their own way when they build their own websites and forums anyway.

If you want to ask me some questions or make a new chat buddy on facebook or gmail, please do follow these tips:

  1. We are not going to cyber or sext or cam nudity. Do not send me pics of you naked or ask me to view your cam.
  2. Don't ask if we can date.
  3. Don't ask me to send you money this is not life coaching. I am broke too.
  4. I don't want to see pics of your kids. Kids are not my thing.
  5. Don't call me baby or babe or sweetie or honey or anything like this.
  6. No FanFic (not that i expect any but some people think in that way...)
  7. Don't ask me to listen to your band or music (people have used this one)
  8. Don't ask me for pictures of myself.
  9. Before you wonder: Not into women, black or white, not into black men, Not into Fat men, Not into women period, fat or otherwise.
  11. Do not attempt to argue with me over my beliefs.
  12. Don't ask me for a spirit reading if you high, drunk or like to unnerve people like this. This is abuse and I block.
  13. Also before you assume, my Name is Ana, Not Erica or Erika. This is a crazy ex bf of mine who transgenders as a woman and tries to be me - I have reddish blood hair with purple and blue (and sometimes green) mixed in, it is my real hair now and there is NO way they will ever be able to copy it. Their namee that I know them as is Matthew Gwaultney. Why don't you ask them about that?
  14. I am almost 50 years old, I look extremely young due to being Strigoi DNA and I am also not into old men either. I report people for sexual harassment locally and otherwise. Leave me alone.
  15. I do not do drugs or drink. I do take prescribed medicines. I do not smoke pot, I wish they would legalize already, no I don't want to try some with you.
  16. I do not want children or marriage. I am already going through menopause and I am happy about it.


I am not affiliated with the Church of Satan (Atheist Movement) or the Temple of Satan (Statue Movement) but I am a spiritualist that believes that Satan was a star being that came from a distant place that we all knew back in the day from past lives. Satan as an Mede Entity is a wisdom being, knowledgeable, who helps others, keeps them safe and also combats Fears and Bigotry and Bullies and Harassment. Satan is not seen in a Christianity Text manner or in a dogma way. Satan is a being of mystery and protection.

I do not do lewd rituals. I do not sacrifice people or animals. I do not drink blood from animals or people. I do not believe in tyranny or devilment or that I am or will possess others. I am not obsessed with Immortality or eternal youth. I am not rebelling against social upbringing.

I am also a Dark Pagan. I believe in the Goddess and God, and The force that God/Goddess work with which I call Source. Source has many forms, and many polarities which is felt and administered to the self by means of ascension and transcending which is not something everyone can do. The main polarity which one is to be balanced by is equal light and dark or shadow, neutrality.

Man has sin, sin being depravity which makes man insecure as well as woman, which leads to their downfall. Beings who are spiritual and have awakened their neutrality are not depraved senseless animals. They also may believe they as a woman or a man are energy, and sexless such as asexual (some see this as a shy, hehe thing, and others as I am not interested because I been hurt before thing, or sex is not everything to me I am energy being who can feel either male or female or both at the same time or neither and feel like something alien. I usually prefer the energy signature of a tree, cloud or shadow.)

Etem, Satan. (In their spirit forever) {this can also be said as a prayer with the self if you prefer}

This Seal is not apart of the CoS or the ToS. It is apart of the Dark Pagans Grotto Doctrine at darkpagansgrotto.space